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Why Buying a Kilt is Much Better than Renting One!

Posted by O'Neil of Dublin on 11/10/17 1:42 PM

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                                                        Why Buying a Kilt is Much Better than Renting One!

Usually when someone needs a kilt for a wedding or special occasion, they ask themselves ‘am I better off buying or renting one?’ Below are the reasons why buying a kilt is much better than renting one!

Price is probably the first thought that comes to mind when requiring a kilt. While renting a kilt is the cheaper option short term, if you get to wear your bought kilt a couple of times you will have already made your money back. Buying a kilt can be looked at as an investment!

Quality is also a major factor when buying or renting a kilt. When renting a kilt, some companies would tend to use lower quality fabrics. These kilts would also have been worn many times previous to yourself which can lead to fading and ‘wear and tear’. While if you’re buying your own kilt and spending a considerable amount of money, you can expect 100% worsted wool of the highest quality and every part of the kilt to be perfect. Renting a kilt, cannot guarantee this.

Fitting is a crucial part of buying your kilt. There’s no better fit than your own kilt. A rental company can’t guarantee the kilt will fit, and as you won’t receive your kilt until close to the event, it may be too late to return it for a different size. Time is on your side when buying a kilt so you can guarantee it fits your own physique! There’s a chance not as much care will have gone into producing large amounts of rental kilts which heightens the chance of measurements being off in various sizes.

Favourite Tartan. When coming to buying a kilt, men generally wish to buy their own family tartan or a tartan which catches their eye. You can’t guarantee you’ll be able to rent your family tartan each time you rent a kilt. The company may be out of stock or simply don’t have the tartan. So if you were to buy your kilt, you no longer have to worry about which tartan is available as you’ll always have your favourite one at home.

Hygiene. Not many people would think of this straight away but hygiene has to play it’s part when deciding to buy or rent a kilt. Who knows who has worn your rented kilt previously? Or who knows if they even wore anything underneath the kilt? You can’t know for sure how thoroughly it has been cleaned after being worn!

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Kilt - Historical, Traditional & Modern

Posted by O'Neil of Dublin on 8/4/17 8:15 PM


The name "kilt" is applied to a range of garments in either the traditional garment, either in its historical form, or in the modern adaptation now usually in a tartan pattern.

O’Neil of Dublin make's full use of the versatility of tartan to give a romantic feel to a traditional look and by variations of kilt designs so as to present a modern versatile fashion item, picking up the season trends in colour and style adaptations each time.

Most historians do seem to agree that the kilt was adopted by Irish Nationalists around the turn of the twentieth century although many historians claim that the kilt has been worn in Ireland as far back as the sixteenth century, consiting of various colours, style's and designs.

In fact it is believed that for many centuries the Irish wore a long garment kilt, almost like a tunic gathered at the waist and mostly made of linen and wool, of which there are many depictions found in early carvings across Ireland.

The kilt has been around for centuries, and will be around for centuries to come.

Kilt variations are one thing, but the history of the kilt is another. Learn more about it here.

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Reasons you should wear a kilt at a wedding

Posted by O'Neil of Dublin on 7/27/17 1:00 PM



Reasons you should wear a Kilt at your wedding!
Wear a Kilt for your wedding....why not? It's your day so why not get married in style, the kilt looks great and it's a wonderful tradition. The history of the kilt can be dated back to the late 16th century and is a phenomenon in it's own right, indeed adaptations and style influences of the kilt can still be seen to this day on the fashion catwalks of Paris, London and New York. Don't worry if you don't already have a strong family Heritage in kilts and tartan, there's always a first and maybe you'd be even starting a new trend for your family and in-laws.
Your wedding day is special and aside from looking your best, it's important you be as comfortable and relaxed as you can be...and what better way than wearing a kilt for the celebrations, so smart and so....cool!
The kilt will bring added style and fun to your wedding, all the guests will really appreciate your efforts in wearing such a traditional and classic attire for your special day. Go on, it's your day so why not celebrate in style!
The only cautionary note is to be careful at the after dinner dancing, you don't want to be too ambitious in your dance moves...because you'll want your guests to stay long into the evening!

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