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Reasons you should wear a kilt at a wedding

Posted by O'Neil of Dublin on 7/27/17 1:00 PM



Reasons you should wear a Kilt at your wedding!
Wear a Kilt for your wedding....why not? It's your day so why not get married in style, the kilt looks great and it's a wonderful tradition. The history of the kilt can be dated back to the late 16th century and is a phenomenon in it's own right, indeed adaptations and style influences of the kilt can still be seen to this day on the fashion catwalks of Paris, London and New York. Don't worry if you don't already have a strong family Heritage in kilts and tartan, there's always a first and maybe you'd be even starting a new trend for your family and in-laws.
Your wedding day is special and aside from looking your best, it's important you be as comfortable and relaxed as you can be...and what better way than wearing a kilt for the celebrations, so smart and so....cool!
The kilt will bring added style and fun to your wedding, all the guests will really appreciate your efforts in wearing such a traditional and classic attire for your special day. Go on, it's your day so why not celebrate in style!
The only cautionary note is to be careful at the after dinner dancing, you don't want to be too ambitious in your dance moves...because you'll want your guests to stay long into the evening!

If you are inetrested in leraning more about this, or if you want to see if a kilt is suitable for your wedding day, check out Mens Kilts here.




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