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Versatility of Tartan

Posted by O'Neil of Dublin on 7/19/17 5:10 PM
While historically, tartan kilts were mainly worn by men, it did transcend into female fashion after the 1900’s with the advent of softer fabrics and better manufacture methods which helped to show the rich blend of colours better and to give Tartans that maximum appeal. Tartan has developed throughout the ages and to this day, with the British Royal family’s enthusiastic endorsement and frequent wearing of tartan, has helped to ensure Tartan continues to be prominent, current and seen as a versatile fashion item and design.
Tartan encompasses a tradition, a heritage and staying power that continues to appear in designer collections throughout Spring/Summer and particularly Autumn/Winter seasons, and we have seen top designers regularly use Tartan to influence and epitomise their collections. Designers have taken inspiration from historical dress to inspire and rework tartans so as to create a modern look that continues to be in demand across the world.
The versatility of Tartan knows no ends and has a global appeal regardless of gender, generation or geography. From the innocence of a tartan school uniform to the opulence and inspiration taken from the catwalks of the fashion capitals of the world, the appeal and influence of Tartan is never ending,
Tartan is part of our living heritage which has changed over the decades and adapted to meet the needs of different generations, no doubt it will continue to do so in the future and it is a tradition and heritage that we are proud to be associated with in our company.
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